About Us

Mazariyya Books is an imprint of Mazariyya Books Limited, a Nigerian publishing company incorporated in August, 2009. With a wholly Nigerian ownership, it has always operated from Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital City.

The first Mazariyya Books publication is a full length novel, published in October, 2010. That was followed quickly by another novel categorised as a “teen fiction”, which got selected into the long list for 2011 of the Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas Prize in Literature. Since then a few collection of poems have been added to our steadily growing lists, even while we decided to start a new category of publications under what we call “Mazariyya Junior Literature Series”. We have also published a few non-fiction titles.

Mazariyya Books believes in the saying that, “A song sounds sweeter in the mouth of by its owner”. From this comes the idea that the true Nigerian anywhere in the world, is the best person to tell the Nigerian story. And this resulted in our motto: “THE WORLD THROUGH THE NIGERIAN EYE” .

Our interest in the true Nigerian story is non-negotiable. Therefore, we can guaranteed that each of our publications is a drop in the ocean of the Nigerian stories that the world needs to hear, about us, our worldviews, cultures, traditions, stories, histories and generally about what things blend together to make us the unique people that are.

Our publications are indeed the most accessible keys to unlocking the country of many nations called Nigeria.